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Gulkand Lassi

‘Gulkand Lassi’ is a healthy variation of usual sweet lassi.. It is super delicious and rich in flavours infused by Gulkand! A perfect energy booster as both Gulkand and curd are rich in calcium, anti-oxidants and have natural cooling properties.

Frequently consuming Gulkand has many health benefits. It purifies blood, helps in curing acidity, stomach heat and more. It also aids in digestion and eases out constipation.  It can be had as such a spoonful a day or can be mixed with milkshake, lassi or any dessert to have variation in our diet.

How to make Gulkand Lassi?

Preparation is easy. Made with just three ingredients curd and Gulkand. Garnishing with nuts or rose petals is optional but definitely enhances the taste and look of the dish. Do give it a try and let me in comments know how good it tasted!

Here’s the recipe of Gulkand Lassi!.. The given recipe yields 3 glasses of lassi.


  • Fresh Curd – 2 cups, chilled
  • Gulkand – ¼ cup
  • Elaichi Powder – ¼ tsp (optional)
  • Chilled Water – 1 cup

To Garnish

  • Dried Rose Petals – 1 tsp per glass
  • Chopped Nuts of your choice – ½ tsp per glass (optional)


  • In a large add curd, water and Gulkand and blend till it gets frothy.
  • Pour it in tall glasses, garnish with dried rose petals and relish.


  • Gulkand is nothing but a (sundried) jam made out of rose petals. This can be made at home or can be easily procured from market.
  • To substitute Gulkand, use grounded rose petals with honey and rose essence.
  • In this recipe I haven’t added any additional sweetener. You can add sugar or honey as per your taste.

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Happy Cooking!

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