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Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements

– Marcel Boulestin

Cooking for me was much more than just putting the next meal on the table. It is a culinary journey inspired by both my Grandmas who diligently fed a huge family with delicious traditional fare. My passion continued to flourish further by dedicated motivation from family members and well-wishers. Moreover, with our base changing every 2 years due to husband’s profession, mostly to remote areas with different food cultures, my culinary art grew immensely as I always believe in ‘Learning & Sharing’ the knowledge and experiences of Good Food.

Good Food is the Happiness of Life…It is the Fuel for Soul. Above all, it is about the memories associated with it.

My culinary repertoire includes an incredible array of traditional, regional vegetarian recipes of India as well as few contemporary dishes from global cuisines. The penchant for cooking wholesome food and the belief in traditional food practices makes me use fresh, seasonal and local produce that paves way for healthy indulgence.

This blog serves me as an outlet to share my experiences and the knowledge acquired in my culinary voyage. Though my hands are full with various roles as an Army wife, homemaker, content writer…the love for cooking motivates me to blog the recipes that are tried and tested in my kitchen and oven.

As a self-taught baker previously and now a certified one, my cooking range includes various healthy bakes too. With the constant demand and support of my well wishers, I have ventured into healthy home baking that includes whole wheat, Vegan and Gluten-Free delicacies at Delicious Galore, a FSSAI registered venture.

Join me in my culinary adventures, do try them and communicate your valuable additions to help me learn and grow as I believe the fun of learning never stops!


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