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Gulkand Lassi

‘Gulkand Lassi’ is a healthy variation of usual sweet lassi.. It is super delicious and rich in flavours infused by Gulkand! A perfect energy booster as both Gulkand and curd are rich in calcium, anti-oxidants and have natural cooling properties.

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Carrot Kanji (Fermented Probiotic Drink)

Carrot Kanji – an age-old fermented drink is a good source of natural probiotic bacteria. It is made using black/purple carrots that are available in Northern parts of India during winters.

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Badam and Makhana Milk Masala

A cup of warm, flavourful drink serves to be an elixir in winters. It instantly soothes our body and soul altogether. One such drink is ‘Badam and Makhana Milk Masala

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Minty Apple Cider Cooler

Treat yourself with this refreshing summer drink, ‘Minty Apple Cider Cooler’ with the goodness of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Mint.

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