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Cold Cucumber Mint Soup with Chia Seeds

Soups are always nutritious and instantly rejuvenates us… A delicately flavoured soup enriches our body and our soul altogether…

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Minty Apple Cider Cooler

Treat yourself with this refreshing summer drink, ‘Minty Apple Cider Cooler’ with the goodness of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Mint.

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Sugarcane and Kiwi Mocktail

Sugarcane and Kiwi Mocktail’ is a refreshing drink with the perfect blend of sugarcane, kiwi and tender coconut water. Sugarcane juice and coconut water are the two age-old drinks gifted by nature to boost our energy instantly.

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Nugalu Kanji | Broken Rice Porridge

Nugulu Kanji’, is a humble porridge recipe that has been passed over many generations in my family. Delicious in taste and easy to digest, this kanji is more than a porridge.

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