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Air Fryer Badusha

Badusha is a traditional South Indian sweet fondly relished during festivals and special occasions. One of the mainstays in South Indian weddings. In North India, it is known as Balushahi.

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Air Fryer Paneer Bread Roll

Paneer Bread Roll is one of the easiest snack that can be made in a jiffy. It can be deep fried, shallow fried or baked. This recipe is all about air frying these luscious rolls with very little fat making it a guilt-free snack.

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Kesar Bhapa Doi | Steamed Saffron Yogurt Dessert

Our own Indian cheesecake Kesar Bhapa Doi, is a popular Kolkata delicacy made with the magical blend of hung curd, condensed milk and kesar elaichi flavourings. Creamy and velvety in texture, this steamed yogurt is mildly sweetened with a tinge of sourness from fresh curd.

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Gulkand Badam & Makhana Kulfi

Beating the sweltering heat this summer is a daunting task!  What better way to spend a sunny, hot day than savouring a refreshing chilled treat.. Simple pleasures of life!

Rich, creamy Gulkand Badam & Makhana Kulfi with refreshing flavours is a real treat to our eyes and soul. An absolute necessity in summertime.

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